Come ride with us on the Bitcoin Ferris Wheel.  Where FAIR, IS WILL..
Receive $20 and $100 Payments Over and Over Again
Multiplying Exponentially by a Factor of 4...

Instant Payouts to Bitcoin Wallet


Brilliant 2x2 and 2x3 forced structures with follow  invitor, spillover, spill under, pay-it-forward, and multiple re-entries.  
Completely automatic advancement and more.  We are revolutionizing the Crowd Funding Platform.


Ride #1 = $10SeatsPer TicketPayoutRide AgainNext RideProfitMatch
Others seated here2------------------------------
Your Payout Seats4$10$40No$20$20-----
Totals: Over and Over Again--------------------$20$20-----

Ride #2 = $20 from profitsSeatsPer TicketPayout4 Re-Entries #1Next RideProfitMatch
Others seated here2------------------------------
Others seated here4------------------------------
Your Payout Seats8$20$160$40-----$100$20
Totals: Over and Over Again---------------$40-----$100$20
Upon completion of this RideYouGet FourRe-Entriesinto Ride #1Multiplies$20 & $100 x4,16,64. etc.


And, these payments multiply exponentially by 4x with Auto Re-Entries affect...

See video and Chart above.

Yes, if you buy in to prosperity and share.  And of course, if like receiving $20 and $100 Payments over and over again via complete automation direct to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Key differences from traditional builders:
* Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface
* Mobile-friendliness, latest website blocks and techniques "out-the-box"
* Free for commercial and non-profit use

Crowd Funding is a platform that facilitates the exchange of donations for a person or entity's cause they wish to fund.  We are simly adding some fun to the crowd funding process.

Yes.  One of the best devised.  It is perfect for Team Builds.

We are a crowd funding platform.  Pure and simple.  We facilitate the exchange of peer to peer donations.  Donations are just that, donations given freely.  

We have no involvement, just Blockchain has none over the peer to peer exchanges thus, there are no refunds.  It is peer to peer.  Please do not donate if you do not understand and agree 100%.

We will be adding our Community Cause Platform by which a member will be able to list their specific cause and the entire community will be able to view and independently donate to those causes they wish to donate.